Who Can Be a Freemason?

You have to be a man at least 18 years old.

You have to be of outstanding moral character. Masons pride themselves on being men of excellent integrity, and only want men who they will be proud to call one of them.

You must believe in one supreme God. You should be a man with faith in God, hope in immortality, and charity toward all mankind.

How Does a Man become a Freemason? Download Petition for Degrees

First, you have to ask – Masons do not solicit for new members, and no man has ever been invited to join the fraternity.

You should petition a local lodge, chartered under a grand lodge. Henrico Union Lodge No. 130 is chartered under the Grand Lodge of Virginia. A copy of a petition can be found here.

After filling out the petition, you need to have two current masons vouch for your character – they will sign your petition as your recommenders. Masons are very honored when asked to sign a petition, so don’t be nervous to ask your Masonic friends – they will be most appreciative of the opportunity to serve as your recommender! What if you’re interested in becoming a mason, but don’t know any masons? Contact us – we’ll be glad to meet you, and then you’ll have some Masons to recommend you!

Who Are the Masons?

Modern speculative Freemasons trace their historic origins to the biblical operative stonemasons, the celebrated artists who constructed King Solomon’s Temple. Today, Freemasons are men from all walks of life; the rich and the poor, the powerful and the meek, all meeting as equals. Masons are construction workers, doctors, machinists, and auctioneers. They are salesmen, engineers, police officers, farmers, and preachers. You’ll find masons in courthouses, factories, schools, and grocery stores. Masons are authors, entrepreneurs, soldiers, even Senators and Presidents (yes, of the United States). But mostly, they’re men who want to do some good in their town, just like you.